It takes its name from the union of Lipomed and Owypower, two tecnhologies of total and proved efficacy.
A very new system connecting all the qualities of these technologies, such as its efficacy and strenght against adipose tissues and its energy to incite the body metabolism as to work better and faster.

It offers aesthetic results: localised adipose tissues reduction, body features remodelling, best toning up of muscles, draining of exceeding liquids thanks to a better vascularisation; and physical results: a faster metabolism (+26%), more energy and vitality, tissues regeneration, sensible increase in appetite, best sleeping and best quality of life!

Whitesun OXYMED complete cycle takes about15 sessions (twice per week)of 30 minutes each.
During the first 30 minutes you will be confortably lied on a bed while LIPOMED actives the cavitation through high intensity pressure waves, creating movements breaking down intracells links between adipocites (the unpacking effect). After this process the adipocites need to expell exeeding liquids and to be shifted during the cavitation process.
Then the secon part of the session. During the last relaxing 30 minutes you sit or lie comfortably while OXYPOWER actives the draining treatment through a electrostatic field. Ath the end of the session you will feel your physiological conditions restablished.
Treatment is fully customizable adapting the power to the customer needs. Clinic tests shown, after two weeks of daily treatment: a localised adipose tissues reduction, a body features remodelling, best toning up of muscles, an increase in metabolism (+26 %), a normalization of the tissue oxygenation and an increase in energy and vitality.